Oil-well Drilling / Civil / Piling


Oil-well Drilling / Civil / Piling

Bentonite has excellent thixotropic /suspension properties with low filtrate loss which makes it ideal for piling & drilling applications. Thixotropic nature of Bentonite allows slurry to penetrate deep into cleavages cracks and clogs the pores and develops good suspensions and friction agent stabilizing the excavations.

We manufacture High yield Bentonite as per Indian Standards (IS), American Petroleum Institute (API) and Oil Companies Material Association (OCMA) Standards.

We cover all possible usage of Bentonite customized to meet rheological properties in achieving desired parameters for wide range of civil applications suitable for Diaphragm walling, Board piling, Tunneling, Pipe – jacking & Horizontal drilling, Oil well drilling, Water well drilling, Grouting applications etc.


  • Maintains Thixotropic properties even in high temperature in deep drilling.
  • Good Penetration of Slurry to clog pores preventing water seepage into formations.
  • Excellent lubrication ability to helps bit for smooth operation and also acts as coolant.
  • High water Absorption seal permeable formation and Low Filtrate loss stabilizes borehole.
  • Cuttings from the boreholes are smoothly removed.
  • High cutting suspension withstands formation pressure

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