Foundry Bentonite


Foundry Bentonite

Bentonite is traditionally being used as binder in Foundry, which develops excellent binding strength to greensand mold in iron and steel casting. It has good Thermal stability and good bond development properties with easy mulling and excellent shakeout characteristics leading to good surface finish of the castings.

Our Bentonite can be used for greensand molding applications including Arpha lines, High pressure Molding lines with flask and without flask. The Mixing ratio will be dependent on the sand quality, fineness and impurities which plays a vital role in mold strength.


  • Easy mulling and faster gelling minimizes sand mixing time.
  • High Swelling and Excellent gel uniformly binds sand grains.
  • High Green Compression Strength keeps mold strength intact eradicates mold breakages and other defects related to it.
  • Scabbing, rat-tail and buckles defect is almost zero due to High Wet Tensile Strength.
  • Generation of dead clay is less due to high Thermal Stability. Good Shakeout Properties & Surface finish.
  • Good Shakeout Properties & Surface finish.

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