Bentonite is used for earthing application as an earthing compound compared to traditional practice of using salt sodium chloride which is highly corrosive in nature and dissolves in water affecting the shelf life of the Electroplate. Due to this time to time maintenance of the earthing pit is required, if not done then fault issue arises. Coal is another compound used in earthing which can't resist high heat and gets converted into ash and can't retain water resulting in pit fault.

Bentonite holds moisture and is used as earth electrode back fill compound to help lower soil resistivity. It has the property of absorbing and retaining water for longer duration of time. Due to this the shelf life of earth conductivity lasts for longer period of time and also it protects earth conductor from corrosion.


  • Low resistivity & Low maintenance cost.
  • Non-corrosive on Earthing conductors.
  • Suitable for all kind of soils.
  • In pit moisture is retained even in dry surface.
  • Easy to use, Non-toxic, Non inflammable & Eco friendly.

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